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On the occasion of the World Environment Day, unions, organizations, associations, workers sent their own message: “Landfills – fires, boilers – pollution” ‘Green’ growth fills us cancer for their profits” Attica workers held a concert in front of the Parliament and sent a strong message on June 5th, World Environment Day, against the government’s plans to continue the crime of expanding the landfills where waste treatment plants (WTPs) are being set up near residential areas. The unions stated “We unite our voice and we are together in a common struggle, because we have a common opponent to face. The attempt of governments, regional and municipal authorities to divide us, to turn the residents of one area against the other, aims to remove the obstacles to the implementation of criminal policy. And they are well aware that the biggest obstacle is organized people. The people who fight and claim for their…

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Unions’ Action for World Environment Day